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Cardale Steeline Mini Roller Garage Door (Leathergrain Plastisol)

Cardale Steeline roller doors are a design proven for exceptional durability and long term performance. Simple, clean lines and an excellent colour choice are just part of the appeal of the Steeline door.



Colours shown are for guide purposes only. Always request a finish sample for confirmation of colour.

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Roller doors are perfect for space savers wanting to maximise their brick to brick drive through width and for those not wanting any protrusions with tracking into the garage door roof space. Roller doors normally fit behind the brickwork (although some insulated doors can be fitted within the opening, but bear in mind you will lose some headroom for the roll under the lintel if you do this). If fitting on tracks on the back of the brickwork aperture they don’t require a separate frame so you will gain your full brick drive through width. They rise vertically and up into a roll above the lintel on the inside of the garage roof space.

Steeline Roller Doors (non insulated) Cardale Steeline rollers are made of steel and feature a horizontal ribbed design which is both attractive and very strong and secure. They are coated in a plastisol or woodgrain laminate finish to ensure the colour lasts and they remain maintenance free. You will need 431mm of headroom from the bottom of the lintel upwards, on doors 8'-10' high a minimum of 483mm headroom is required. For the mini version you will require 343mm. These doors can be opened manually or by remote control (by purchasing an additional operator).

Measuring and Ordering Size All roller doors are made to measure to suit your exact brick opening. They are ordered by the OGW (Over Guide Width or Curtain Size) by their GH (Guide Height). Steeline roller door’s fit behind your brickwork/timber frame. Therefore, you need to order the door at OGW x GH.

OGW - This needs to be your brickwork aperture size + 50mm (for openings up to 2794mm) and + 100mm (for openings over 2794mm). For example, if your brickwork opening is 2100mm the OGW needs to be 2100mm + 50mm = 2150mm. So 2150mm is your OGW and ordering size. All doors require a minimum side clearance of 100mm on either side of the brick reveal for tracking and tolerance. Please note if you intend to add a motor, you will need a minimum of 150mm on the side that you choose to fit the motor to or 180mm for a Steeline Mini.

GH - This needs to be your floor to lintel height. You do not need to add on anything for this. Please be aware that the roll is additional in height to this as it will sit behind the back of the lintel. You can view addition technical/fitting information on our Help pages. Please be aware that as roller doors are bespoke, made to measure products they cannot be returned or cancelled once the manufacturing process is underway. If in any doubt about the order size please contact us before ordering on 0800 404 8011.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cardale
Mechanism Roller
Material Steel
  • Vertical travel gives “park right up” convenience
  • Exceptional durability and long term performance
  • Designed for both manual and automatic operation – Easyglide spring assisted operation ensures all doors are easy to operate by hand
  • Horizontal ribbed design is inherently very strong, as a consequence, very secure
  • Twin locking bars to secure the door in the closed position
  • Coloured front and grey powder coating to the rear