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Cardale DC800T Garage Door Operator - OP00048

Traction force 800N, for doors up to 5000 x 2438 high (>90kg)


MRP: £825.00

Now: £250.00



Cardale garage door operators are equipped with reliable proven technology you can rely on.

  • Two handsets supplied as standard.
  • The automatic obstruction detection ensures optimum protection, particularly useful for families with children.
  • The self-locking motor ensures effective protection against break-ins.
  • No additional locking mechanism is necessary for the Cardale garage door operators.
  • The Cardale emergency release system means the door can be opened (unlocked) and locked manually in any position. Your garage door is locked (closed) during a power failure as well providing optimal safety.
  • Two speed travel - the start and end of the motor movement are softened to give a quiet opening and closing cycle, (avoiding noisy door slam).
  • Cardale operators are compatible with a wide range of accessories, including light barriers and external keypads and integrate with Cardale home automation products.
  • Plugs into 3 pin plug socket like a normal household appliance.

Additional Information

Mechanism Retractable
Manufacturer Cardale